Black Powder Gin

Weeton, Lancashire PR4 3HT, UK

Tel: 07894 138473



Ginsperience Spring 2020

Multi Award Winning Black Powder Gin invites you to join what is probably one the best and most original Gin events in the North West! Let us entertain you with live music, a tasty 4 course meal, cocktails, shot samples, whiskey, rum, port, liqueurs and lots and lots of gin and other concoctions to excite your palate!

Black Powder Gin & especially the Preese Hall estate have a long history in generating high-quality produce. As an operational farm we have always prided ourselves on working with the land and alongside nature – we, therefore, know something about the ingredients that go into our range of gins.

Our passion has always been about harnessing the true and unique flavours of our select crop, which we believe creates a remarkably different finish.

The Black Powder Gin distillery is a family run business that has been producing fruit infused gins for a number of years. Due to increased popularity in these products, and our own intrigue and curiosity in the versatility of this exciting libation, we decided to extend our range by developing both a London Dry & Navy Strength Gin.

With an abundance of natural ingredients at our fingertips, we set about developing recipes that capture the quintessential essence of these traditional gins but with a greater emphasis on breathing a new and exciting life into them.

“What’s in a name?”The Black Powder name principally derives from the traditional method of proof testing alcohol by using black powder (also referred to as gunpowder) as a way of determining its strength. Furthermore, the ‘black’ prefix ties in with our other passion, notably our Aberdeen Angus & our striking Black Shires.

The Black Powder product range including classic gins, fruit gins and gin liqueurs including a range of gifts cards and boxes.

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